To initiate a request for GRADS funding:
  1. Describe the program(s) and GRADS components you envision for your community. Such as: Teen Parent Intervention, Child Care Center, Youth Development, GRADS Dads Support Group
  2. If you represent a community agency that wishes to partner with an existing GRADS site, please identify the following:
    1. A local "Champion" for new component(s): Name, address, e-mail & phone.
    2. The probable fiscal agent:School district, county, private contractor, etc.
    3. School personnel and/or community stake-holders: Entities such as the DOH, public health nurse, WIC, Families FIRST, Income Support, etc. (These partners would logically comprise a future GRADS Advisory Committee for your program.)
  3. What is the local teen pregnancy and birth rate data pertaining to your county and how is this impacting school drop-out rates?
  4. Describe how pregnancy related drop-outs and/or teen parent "needs" are presently being addressed in your local school EPSS Plan. (This could generate additional funding for the school).
  5. Identify the anticipated enrollment at targeted school(s).
  6. Include a desired date and time for a conference and/or a school board or other appropriate community presentation.

Download the Community Assessment here.
Please Note

The New Mexico GRADS System is committed to helping communities and schools provide quality teen parent and youth risk-taking behavior reduction programs across New Mexico. If you are interested in establishing a GRADS site in your community, first look over our website to ensure that you fully understand the GRADS System components and mission. Please submit the assessment on the left to:

New Mexico GRADS
P. O. Box 1884
Socorro, NM 87801

If you have questions, please call (575) 835-1785 or click here to send an email.